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Maggie Woo's Biography

Here is a little bio of my journey to where I am now. I first went to art school and graduated with a graphic design background. Worked in the field for a few years, and decided to venutre into the Pastry Arts World. Went to George Brown and studied Baking and Pastry Arts Program. I then worked at various bakeries and restaurants to gain more pastry background. I now work from my own home, designing custom cakes and pastries for all occasions! :) My passion is to create and give a creative aspect to make any event a fabulous and spectacular one. Combining graphics and pastry background, I will provide a professional and outstanding presentation to showcase your special occasion. Everything from Magsdewdrops' Creations are made from scratch with fresh quality ingredients. 

Each cake, cupcake, cookie, and pastry is produced with the uttermost care and passion with an artistic flare.

A Custom Cake for Any Special Occasion!
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Magsdewdrops' Creations

©2022 Stouffville, ON, Canada  by MW Designs

What Holidays or Events are happening in the month of March:

Peanut Butter Lover's Day (1st)
World Compliment Day (1st)
I Want You To Be Happy Day (3rd)
Peach Blossom Day (3rd)
Namesake Day (4th)
Dentist's Day (5th)
International Working Women's Day
Barbie Day (9th)
Popcorn Lover's Day (9th)
International Day of Awesomeness
Jewel Day (13th)
Smart & Sexy Day (13th)
Giant Panda Bear Day (14th)
Saint Patrick's Day (18th)
International Sports Car Racing Day
International Day of Happiness (20th)
Proposal Day (20th)
Ramadan (23rd)


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