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Please indicate in the message box the key information when inquiring about cakes:


1. Date

2. Total Servings

3. Fondant Cover Cake or Plain Buttercream Finish Cake

4. Tiered Cake or Slab Cake

4. Theme 

Please note:

Regular Orders ~ Best to Place One to Three Weeks In Advance

Wedding Orders ~ Three Months In Advance


A Custom Cake for Any Special Occasion!
Order Your Sweets & Cakes Today!

What Holidays or Events are happening in the month of January:

National Spaghetti Day (4th)
National Bird Day (5th)
Bittersweet Chocolate Day (10th)
Houseplant Appreciation Day (10th)
National Hot Tea Day (12th)
National Pharmacist Day (12th)
National Rubber Duckie Day (13th)
Appreciate a Dragon Day (16th)
Winnie the Pooh Day (18th)
National Popcorn Day (19th)
National Buttercrunch Day (20th)
National Cheese Lover Day( 20th)
World Penguin Awareness Day (20th)
Squirrel Appreciation Day (21st)
National Blonde Brownie Day (22nd)
National Pie Day (23rd)
National Handwriting Day (23rd)
Compliment Day (24th)
Australia Day (26th)
Spouses Day (26th)
Chocolate Cake Day (27th)
Fun at Work Day (28th)
National Kazoo Day (28th)
National Puzzle Day (29th)
National Corn Chip Day (29th)
Inspire Your Heart With Art Day (31st)

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