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What Holidays or Events are happening

in the month of March:


Caregiver Appreciation Day (3rd)
I want You To Be Happy Day (3rd)
Peach Blossom Day (3rd)
Employee Appreciation Day (5th)
Dentist's Day (6th)
Namesake Day (7th)
International (Working) Women's 
Day (8th)
Middle Name Pride Day (10th)
Plant A Flower Day (12th)
Smart & Sexy Day (13th)
Everything You Do Is Right Day (16th)
Saint Patrick's Day (17th)
Absolutely Incredible Kid Day (18th)
International Day of Happiness (20th)
International Earth Day (20th)
Proposal Day (20th)
Pecan Day (25th)
Live Long & Prosper Day (26th)
Make Up Your Own Holiday Day (26th)
Passover (27th)
Palm Sunday (27th)
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