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A Drop of Magic for Any Special Occasion!

Custom Cakes and Assorted Pastries for all your events! 

What Holidays or Events are happening

in the month of December:

Santa's List Day (12/4)
St. Nicholas Day (12/6)
National Cotton Candy Day (12/7)
International Children's Day (12/8)
National Brownie Day (12/8)
National Pastry Day (12/9)
National Lemon Cupcake Day (12/15)
National Chocolate Covered Anything Day (12/16)
National Maple Syrup Day (12/17)
Bake Cookie Day (12/18)
Winter Solstice Day (12/22)
National Chocolate Day (12/24)
National Egg Nog Day (12/24)
Christmas Eve (12/24)
Christmas (12/25)
National Pumpkin Pie Day (12/27)
New Year's Eve (12/31)


Magsdewdrops' Creations

©2019 Stouffville, ON, Canada  by MW Designs

Metallic Copper Cake

Buttercream Finish with Metallic Copper Finish, Black Gumpaste Rose and Metallic Copper Macarons.

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